To track the impact of being enrolled in its integrated services delivery programs for clients, LISC uses Salesforce software. This web-based reporting system captures information seamlessly by the local staff at the community development center running the program.

By prioritizing data, LISC can immediately identify who’s being served and quickly determine the impact those services are having. By design, the software facilitates collaborative, community-based service efforts, and provides a wealth of information on participants and programs.

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Understanding Financial Opportunity Center Outcomes

This presentation covers the changes in clients’ financial circumstances that are goals for the LISC Financial Opportunity Centers–job retention and increases in net income, net worth and credit score. The 2013 webinar, which runs for just over an hour, gives an overview of how ISD staff can have an impact on these goals, especially as services are being delivered in a coordinated way.
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Collected Voices: Data-Informed Nonprofits

NTEN worked with a number of different nonprofits in a variety of fields to learn more about how they use data. This 2014 report includes their insights into issues like organizational buy-in, purchasing a data management system and the human side of data.