Integrated services delivery (ISD) provides clients with a set of bundled services in three overlapping areas: employment and career advancement, income enhancements and work supports, and financial and asset building services. The ISD theory of change stipulates that each service works best when delivered in conjunction with the others.

In an ISD program, clients get help preparing to find a job while they also learn about managing their money and get assistance obtaining public benefits that can help their family. As clients reduce expenses, obtain supports from training to childcare, and find a good-paying job, their household can move to a path of economic equilibrium. Working with ISD coaches, clients can over time increase their income through steady full-time work with increasing responsibilities and more pay, ensure they have strong credit scores, begin to build their net worth, and create a stable financial life for their families.

The Working Families Success Network provides resources for organizations interested in starting or supporting an ISD program, as well as groups that are currently operating an ISD program that would like to learn more.

This section includes:

  • Success stories of different models of ISD programs, both at community-based organizations and community colleges
  • A deeper exploration of how integrated services delivery works, including an overview of ISD, information about networks of ISD programs across the country, and resources for practitioners
  • A map and directory of ISD programs across the country