Who We Are

The Working Families Success Network (WFSN) is a collaborative of funders, national non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, and community colleges whose purpose is to advance the Integrated Services Delivery approach (ISD) to helping families become financially stable. The network leaders are a group of funders and national non-profit intermediaries known collectively as the National Leadership Group (NLG).

What We Do

Although many community-based organizations and community colleges have embraced ISD, there is a need for a national leadership organization to scale ISD by supporting the growth of ISD at the local level. Accordingly, the NLG organizes its work into five key strategies:

  1. Using solid evidence and reliable data to make the case for using the ISD approach;
  2. Finding sustainable funding for the work at the local level;
  3. Promoting public policies that support and remove barriers to the delivery of ISD;
  4. Building a cadre of practitioners, public and private funders, researchers and evaluators who take ownership of and lead ISD work by promoting common outcomes for participants and sharing best practices, innovations, and challenges;
  5. Finding and collaborating with existing national networks and institutions that serve as platforms for increasing the number of sites to reach a growing number of people.

Network Leaders

The members of the NLG are national leaders in the development of the Working Families Success Network and the ISD approach and include:


Joining them are hundreds of national, regional and community funders; national nonprofit networks and their local affiliates; local organizations; community colleges and college networks; and financial institutions.

The Working Families Success Network website serves as a hub for dissemination of timely and useful information about its work to support ISD.

For More Information

We welcome inquiries about how organizations can become more involved with the Working Families Success Network. Please contact us for more information.